Have you ever wondered about the nature of time?  What causes the divide between past, present and future?  What causes time to flow – is this only an illusion in our minds?  Have you ever had an intuition of an event coming in the near future?  Is it possible that information about a future event, unknowable through inference alone, could be obtained before the event actually occurs?

The Theoretical and Applied NeuroCausality Laboratory (TANC Lab) is a research lab that merges theoretical physics and experimental psychology to help answer these questions.  Our goal in the lab is to design rigorous experimental protocols to test whether unconscious knowledge of future information can be detected through behavior and physiology (e.g., EEG, pupil size).  The ultimate aim is the development of software and technology that use these unconscious signals to predict meaningful real world events.  For a summary of these experiments click here.   For an overview of our research plan, please see our article published in Frontiers in Psychology, “Future directions in precognition research.

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Announcement: TANC Lab is being absorbed into the University of California, Santa Barbara!  We will become a university lab starting in September, 2017.  Please check this page for further updates.