Volunteer for a Study!

We depend on volunteers to participate in our studies.  Please see below for more information and sign up using the calendar at the bottom of the page.

Research participants will receive a compensation payment of $15 for their time. Total time of experiment per person is estimated to be 1 hour.
**Please note, one person can only sign up once per experiment.**


  • Hair style allows placement of EEG cap (no mohawks or other hairdos which stick up rigidly).
  • Unimpaired or corrected vision
  • Unimpaired hearing
  • No pacemakers
  • No serious neurological disorders
  • No one diagnosed with epilepsy or susceptible to seizures
  • Must not have a history of migraine headaches
  • Must not have PTSD
  • Must not have Claustrophobia
  • Must not have a panic disorder

Bottled water will be available.